OutKast Featured On Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’ Remix

Posted on Jan 13 2013 - 8:15pm by Chloe

Andre 3000 is featured on the original version of Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter,’ which appeared on Channel Orange and a few days ago Big Boi revealed via Tumblr that he was recording a new verse for the song’s remix. Since the two Atlanta rappers are sick of talking about the possibility of an OutKast reunion, this might be the closest fans will get to that anytime soon. Listen below.

Frank Ocean originally hoped that the rappers would deliver their first collaboration in six years when Channel Orange debuted this summer, but Big Boi informed via Twitter that, “Dre didn’t want an Outkast Record Coming out on anybody else LP.” Guess Three Stacks changed his mind?

via RapFix

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