?uestlove Shows Fanboy Enthusiasm for Master Sushi Chef

Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 5:48pm by Chloe

The Roots’ drummer and prominent music aficionado ?uestlove has a newfound obsession: Jiro’s sushi. The three-Michelin-star-approved legendary master chef Jiro, which the now popular documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi has highlighted, is world-famous for his detailed craftsmanship in approaching the culinary art of sushi. ?uestlove, who immersed himself into the film admittedly saw the flick 10 times before he decided to book a cross-Pacific trip to Japan to consume the ultimate raw-fish entree.

Just like the film, ?uestlove states that the freshness of the tuna, egg, and octopus (massaged for four hours) was superb, and all the pieces glowed as if studio lighting contributed to their appearance. The 40-minute or so dining experience was highlighted via Instagram every step of the way. Check out the full breakdown via here.

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